Column rack A multi-function rack that allows display and storage of various products. With use of its accessories it can be transformed into a display for clothes, bags, belts, jewellery etc. Its adaptability lets you make the best use of this unique rack whatever your needs.
Classic rack The best-known and most-used rack, robust and easy to handle, available in various sizes and heights.
Industrial rack The rack designed for storing and moving large quantities of heavy goods. Made to high standards of efficiency and robustness.
Folding rack The rack that folds on itself for storing in small spaces. Highly practical for use in limited spaces.
Wall rack A rack that can be fixed to a wall to make best use of even the smallest space or most difficult corner to furnish.
Basket rack A rack into which easily interchangeable shelves or baskets can be fitted, useful for storing products of various sizes.
Square rack A designer rack with simple, elegant lines. Its stylish look enhances its decorative capacity while maintaining its essential quality and robustness.
Gondola rack A rack with simple, elegant lines that enables you to create multifunctional display islands. Allows you to be creative with form and space, lending movement to the display while making the most of its features.
Accessories Plastic and/or rubber wheels in various sizes, with various types of feet and suckers.


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