About us

BE.MAR was founded in 1969 by Mario Beretta, at the time a young entrepreneur with experience in the furniture sector. His hard work nd dedication made him prominent over the years in the production of steel racks and displays and turned BE.MAR into a reliable partner able to fulfil the needs of the market.
As well as taking care of production, Mario also designs and develops racks and displays, and is able to design personalised solutions.
Over more than fifty years, the technologies used have naturally evolved, but the craftsmanlike care needed to visualise and produce what the machine cannot continues to be a source of pride in our company.

Experience is the hardest teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards.Oscar Wilde

Today Mario’s children Bibiana and Felice have absorbed and shared the experience of someone who knows how to design and create quality racks, and continue his work in seeking to make products with simple, functional style.


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